Tesla Model 3 Stands Alone on Top as the Best-Selling EV in the World

The Tesla Model 3 continues to stay on top as the world’s best-selling electric car. The first runner up barely even holds a candle to the four-door fastback sedan developed by Tesla.

In order to even attempt to keep up with the likes of the EV giant, other Automakers will need invest more in high-volume electric vehicles like Tesla did with the Model 3, the first true high-volume electric car program.

With investments like building Gigafactory Nevada and partnering with Panasonic to produce battery cells for the program, the Model 3 has remained the best-seller in the EV segment across the globe. 

During the ramp-up in production of the Model 3 between 2017-2019, the automaker experienced “production hell,” but it resulted in impressive production capacity at Fremont factory. Last year, Tesla added production of the Model 3 at its Gigafactory in Shanghai, leading the Model 3 towards even more success on the market as its leader margins have continued to grow.

A new report from EV Sales Blogspot, which tracks the sales of electric vehicles, released its global 2020 sales reports. As per usual the Tesla Model 3 sits in the top spot while the runner ups aren’t exactly clawing their way up:

The Model 3 holds close to a 250,000 margin over the first runner up, the Wuling Hongguang MINI. An inexpensive city car manufactured through a joint venture between the Asian SAIC and North American General Motors. Tesla has such a lead on the Wuling Hongguang MINI that the difference in their sales is larger than the Wuling HongGuang Mini EVs sales all together. The Wuling HongGuang Mini is followed by the Renault Zoe which saw another year of success selling over 100,000 units. Tesla not only holds the leader’s spot by a huge margin, but also hold the fourth spot with the Model Y.

The Model Y recently joined the Model 3 in production at Tesla Gigafactory Shanghai so its ramp up is only just getting started and could soon surpass the Model 3 as the new best-selling electric vehicle in 2021. The automaker also has plans to begin production of the electric SUV at its Gigafactory in Texas and Berlin later this year.

With the arrival of several new EVs to market throughout 2021, the results are sure to change come next year. Even with the hardships that were brought on by the current ongoing coronavirus pandemic, Volkswagen was able to sell over 50,000 units of its ID.3 even with deliveries starting late in the year. Numbers that bode well for the German automaker’s 2021 sales as they just recently started production at the transparent factory, meaning VW’s vehicle program will likely rise to six figures.

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