Tesla’s Supercharger Factory is Up and Running Ahead of Schedule

Tesla’s brand new Supercharger factory in Shanghai is officially up and running. With production full speed ahead, the automaker hopes to accelerate the expansion of it’s Supercharger network allowing easier, more available access to chargers around the globe.

Up until now, Tesla has been producing its Supercharger stations at its Gigafactory in New York along with its solar roof tiles. Prior to that, Tesla was producing its Supercharger stations in Fremont, California. The move to New York allowed the automaker to increase production while expanding the network with its more powerful Supercharger V3 stations.

Tesla accelerated deployment last year and recently announced the installation of its 20,000th charger in the Supercharger network. Tesla also revealed its plans to build a Supercharger factory in China to house the production of Supercharger stations. Tesla’s new plant located near Gigafactory Shanghai was expected to begin production as early as February 2021, but that timeline has changed.

Tesla announced production of Supercharger stations at the new factory has already begun: (Via Weibo translated from Chinese): “Today, Tesla Shanghai Supercharging Station Factory was officially put into production with the strong support of Shanghai governments at all levels and Tesla’s rapid advancement, the Tesla Shanghai SuperCharging Station Factory was officially completed and put into production, representing the industry’s leading the third-generation supercharging pile (V3) was officially off the assembly line. The project took less than half a year from the formal establishment of the project in August 2020 to the official production, which once again reflects the speed of Shanghai and Tesla.”

Tesla also shared some images from inside the new factory showing the first Supercharger station produced at the location:

According to Tesla, the new factory will be capable of producing upwards of 10,000 Supercharging stalls per year. If Tesla does in fact produce these numbers, there is no doubt the Supercharger network will expand at the speed of Tesla. Especially considering Tesla only recently announced its 20,000 installation milestone. 

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