Tesla Model 3 Makes it From SF to LA and Back Using FSD

Since Tesla pushed a limited release beta of its Full-Self Driving software, we have seen countless videos of the feature in action. Whether it was showcasing the incredible autonomous technology Tesla has achieved thus far, or showing the car “learning” different routes or obstacles it comes in contact with during its drive, it is clear that interest in fully autonomous driving is growing at a substantial rate. 

In the videos we’ve seen thus far Tesla’s Full Self-Driving suite still has some kinks that need to be ironed out. So a new video featuring a Model 3 on FSD driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles with only two human intervention is pretty damn impressive.

The new time-lapse video uploaded to YouTube courtesy of Whole Mars Catalog shows the entire autonomous trip. The Tesla owner and enthusiast documented his whole journey using FSD as well as any interventions. During the 380 mile journey from Silicon Valley to Los Angeles there appeared two interventions not including pit stops. The first happened when the car wasn’t sure which lane to take and the second when presented with a foreign object in the road:

Whole Mars Catalog returned the following day with an update revealing that the same Model 3 was able to make it back to Silicon Valley from LA using FSD with zero interventions. If them telling you wasn’t enough, they included a video of the drive back: 

During a recent interview, Tesla CEO Elon Musk talked about some of the brand’s strategies for 2021. According to the CEO, the biggest obstacle when it comes fully autonomous driving is dealing with the different regulatory frameworks that govern the markets that currently sell zero-emission vehicles. Otherwise, Musk said he was “extremely confident that Tesla will achieve level 5 autonomy in 2021.”

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