The End of e-Golf Production Leaves Room for VW’s ID.3 to Shine

Production of Volkswagen’s electric e-Golf is officially coming to an end today at the Transparent Factory in Dresden. The German automaker made the announcement saying it will be replaced by the new ID.3.

Production of the e-Golf began in Wolfsburg started in 2014 but has since ended. Production of the electric compact car in Dresden began in 2017 and is ending today. To date, the automaker has produced 145,561 units of the e-Golf.

In order to make room and ramp up production of the ID.3, Volkswagen has decided to end production of the e-Golf. The automaker is aiming to produce more ID.3 units by the end of 2021 than they did e-Golfs during its six years of production.

Head of plant of the Transparent Factory in Dresden, Danny Auerswald, commented on the announcement: “The end of the e-Golf is also the start of the final preparations for the ID.3. In just a few weeks, we will be opening the next chapter for the Transparent Factory. After Zwickau, we are the second location in Europe to manufacture vehicles based on the new modular e-drive system. Volkswagen is thus underlining the importance of the Saxon plants in the groupwide E-offensive.”

Production of the ID.3 is expected to begin fairly soon, as early as next month at the Dresden factory. Chairman of the Works Council of the Transparent Factory, Thomas Aehlig added: “The start of assembly of the ID.3 is very good news for the workforce and the reward for the many efforts made in the transformation of the site since 2016. We have thus achieved sustainable job security for the core workforce and a positive future perspective for the site.”

With the cheaper variant of the ID.3 expected to be made available next year, we can only assume demand will continue to increase. So far, around 30,000 ID.3 electric cars have already been delivered. In order to keep up with increasing demand, Volkswagen plans to accelerate production of the C-segment EV with the end of the production of the e-Golf.

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