Tesla Model 3 Absolute Leader of December Car Sales in the UK

December 2020 brings good news for Tesla as its Model 3, the best-selling electric car in history, has been the best-selling car in the United Kingdom, reaching 5,798 registrations above traditional gasoline and diesel cars.

In general terms, PHEVs have reached 6.9% of the market, while pure electric cars, the true zero-emission cars, reached 16.5% of total sales, totaling 21,914 registered cars.

2020 was the best year in UK electric car history, with the Tesla Model 3 leading December registrations, followed by the Volkswagen ID.3, which was the fourth best-selling car.

The car with the absolute sales in December was the Tesla Model 3, followed by the VW Golf and Ford Fiesta (both vehicles with internal combustion engines), with the ID.3 in fourth absolute position with 3,188 deliveries, according to data from the Company Automobile Manufacturers and Dealers (SMMT).

The SMMT values ​​this data by announcing that “more than 100 plug-in car models are now available to UK buyers, with manufacturers planning to bring more than 35 to market in 2021, more than the number of new petrol diesel models planned for the whole year.”

The executive director of SMMT qualifies the current market situation remarking as “with manufacturers bringing a record number of electrified vehicles to market in the coming months, we will work with the government to encourage drivers to make the change while promoting investment in our world-renowned manufacturing base, recharging the market, industry, and economy. “

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