Elon Musk Leaves Twitter with Final Tesla Gigafactory Berlin Flyover

Elon Musk took to Twitter to showcase the impressive speed in which Tesla Gigafactory Berlin construction has progressed. In the footage we see the new structure where Model Y production will be housed. A huge and extremely important step as the automaker will only launch the Model Y in Europe once it is being produced at Giga Berlin.

In addition to launching the Model Y on the European market, Gigafactory Berlin will also house the production of Tesla’s 4680 battery cells. The Model Y produced at Gigafactory Berlin will be the first production vehicle to use Tesla’s new structural battery pack architecture.

Last week, Tesla touched on Gigafactory Berlin in its shareholder’s letter: “Local production and deliveries remain a key part of our growth strategy. While our total market share in Europe increased in 2020, Gigafactory Berlin should enable a significant increase in local deliveries, similar to what we saw after constructing Gigafactory Shanghai. Buildout of our Berlin factory continues as planned, and we have already started to move machinery into the building.”

Tesla is expected to produced the Model 3 as well as other vehicles at the factory, but the automaker will kick things off with the production of the Model Y.

As mentioned above, Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter, before his self-mandated break from the platform, to show off the sites construction progress. In the flyover we see the completed main building as well as additional structures that are still being worked on. Check out the short clip below to see a visual progress report of Giga Berlin:

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