Tesla Gigafactory Texas Construction Progress

After about 100 days of construction at Tesla Gigafactory Texas progress is happening at the speed of ‘Tesla.’ But the true test is just ahead as Tesla begins to deploy production capacity at the new facility.

Tesla announced the location of its new Gigafactory this past May revealing it would be housed in Austin, Texas. A source familiar with the matter suggested that by the end of the year, the EV giant wanted to have an assembly line up and running for the Model Y.  However, the company ran into some problems while trying to obtain approval which ended up not getting cleared until the end of July, solidifying the fact that a production line by the end of the year was out of reach.

Regardless, progress on site is still moving quickly as seen in a new drone video by Jeff Roberts. The footage captured shows foundations of the factory beginning to take shape:

Although construction is progressing at an impressive rate, that doesn’t mean deploying production capacity is going to be a cake walk. Tesla is expected to start installing production equipment early next year in order to start its manufacturing process. A process that can take quite a bit of time to work out the bugs before it begins producing electric vehicles. 

Although Tesla CEO Elon Musk originally called the Texas location a “Cybertruck Gigafactory,” Tesla recently confirmed it will first start with Model Y production.

Gigafactory Texas is now expected to start production of some sort in May of next year. In addition to vehicle production, Tesla is expected to deploy battery cell production at the Texas site with the extra land next to the site the company recently purchased. 

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