Tesla Model 3 Ignites in Underground Parking Garage

New reports put Tesla in hot water again after a Tesla Model 3 exploded in China in an underground parking garage on Tuesday night. 

According to several China-based media reports, the Model 3 was parked in a parking garage in a residential area in Shanghai when it exploded. Although the car appears to be totaled, Tesla reportedly reached out to the media confirming no one was injured.

This isn’t the first time Tesla has had problems in regards to fire issues in its vehicles. Just the last November, a Model S owner pulled over after hearing loud bangs coming from the vehicle. According to the owner, soon after his Model S was in flames

Prior to the November 2020 incident a video surfaced of a different Model S that caught fire in a parking lot which led to Tesla’s software updates 2019.16.1 and 2019.16.2 which capped the cells’ voltage to avoid a thermal runaway. Unfortunately for the EV giant, the update also lessened the EVs ranges leading owners to file a lawsuit against the California-based company. After the lawsuit was filed, the NHTSA began a battery investigation.

In regards to this incident, Tesla allegedly told reporters that the explosion may have been caused by damage to the Model 3’s underbody. According to Shanghai’s Xinmin Evening News, the Model 3 hit a manhole cover while entering the parking facility sourcing the garage’s property office.

Tesla is reportedly already working with local authorities as well as assisting the affected owner with insurance-related claims. No other information was given at this time, including where the Model 3 was produced.

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