Sneak Peak of the MINI JCW GP Electric

With rumors of a new fully electric JCW GP hardcore hot hatch from MINI in development, it seems as though BMW just teased it in a new video.

MINI already offers the Cooper SE as an electric warm hatch but the report suggested that MINI is working on a model that will look like the recently launched JCW GP model which parent company BMW announced in a very subtle way.

In a video published on BMW’s official Youtube channel called Chasing iNext – Episode 2, we briefly see design sketches of the electric JCW GP.  The video itself is primarily focused on the iNext project. However, at the 3 minute and 20 second mark a designer coyly tries to cover up some design sketches.

Of course the goal was for us to see the sketches as they are quite visible if you simply pause the video. It appears that the sketches are of the JCW GP, only with a bunch of yellow highlighted areas, different wheels with a unique five-spoke design, and the absence of exhausts.

According to some reports, MINI is already in the prototype phase with this model. With this tease of its design sketches we can only assume the company is deciding on the final look of the vehicle. Check out the video below see if you can spot it!

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