Tesla Model 3 Increases its Autonomy

The Tesla Model 3 recently received a small restyling that involved a redesign of optics and wheels, installing a new center console with a matte finish, and the arrival of new equipment (heat pump, laminated windows, wireless charger for smartphones, USB ports- C…). Also,he Long Range versions adopted a new 82 kWh battery, which increased their autonomy.

Everything seems to indicate that soon the Standard Range Plus RWD variant will also receive a new pack or a software update that will make its powertrain even more efficient, as the company’s configurator now claims a driving range of 263 miles per charge.

The latest improvement is possibly due to the use of 2170 cells of Panasonic origin. 5% more capable than the previous ones, and an update that was already implemented a few months ago in the Model 3 Long Range, now will also reach the access variant.

It is possible that the autonomy of the model is higher or lower than this estimate, although it is clear that it will exceed the previous model. Thanks to this improvement, the Model 3 will maintain its competitiveness in a market that is receiving more and more proposals to stand up to the American model, which today remains the best-selling electric car in the world.

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