Tesla Catalog Clue Points Towards Tow Hitch on US Made Model 3

Going off a new feature recognized in Tesla’s US parts catalog, the EV giant may be releasing a highly requested tow hitch on its Model 3 electric sedans made in the US. 

When you think about electric sedans, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t towing capacity. However, having a small towing capacity on your sedan can’t hurt, especially if you’re looking to install any type of mount or rack. Tesla offer a 5,000 lbs rated towing capacity with the Model X, but has seen a slew of requests through out the years for a tow hitch on its Model 3 from owners and potential buyers.

Over the last few years Tesla has been seen testing Model 3 towing capacity. A few years back, Tesla CEO Elon Musk even said they would soon make it available but didn’t launch it until mid-2019. Even after the launch many were left dissappionted as the California-based startup only offered the option for Model 3 vehicles in Europe with a towing capacity of up to 910 kg (2,000 lbs). Considering the capacity, trying to tow anything bigger than a small trailer, and even then, would most likely see the the Model 3’s efficiency suffer.

However, its appears that Tesla may be getting ready to introduce the feature to its Model 3 vehicles produced in the US. Infamous Tesla hacker, green, came across the tow hitch part on the Model 3 made in North America, in Tesla’s parts catalog:

Of course this is no confirmation that Tesla is in fact going to launch the feature, but it’s pretty close. Although, if they don’t end up launching it, it wouldn’t be the first time we have seen parts added to Tesla’s catalog that didn’t end up getting released. However, another good indicator is the presence of a removable panel, where the new tow hitch would be, seen on the new 2021 Model 3.

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