Tesla Registers Model 3 Performance to be Produced at Giga Shanghai

The Tesla Model 3 Performance is joining other Model 3 offerings made in China. According to new reports, Tesla is filing official paperwork with China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to register the Model 3 Performance. With these filings, Tesla can move forward in producing the Model 3 Performance at Gigafactory Shanghai

The news came from China-based business watcher Changyan CY. Changyan has kept a close eye on Tesla’s operations in the country. According to Changyan, the four Model 3 versions have been registered and changed, and the update includes the Model 3 Performance.

But the news doesn’t stop there as Changyan points out registration details about the Model 3s as well. These details include 18-inch Aero wheels and 19-inch Sport wheels that will most likely also be produced in China. In addition, the Model 3 Performance’s Zero-G wheels and new headlights were also registered leading us to believe production of refreshed Model 3s could be in store for Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai.

Currently, Gigafactory Shanghai only houses the production of the Model 3 Standard Range Plus and Model 3 Long Range RWD in China, but it looks like it will soon be responsible for more. No timeline was given for when these changes will take place but with the increase in production seen out of Gigafactory Shanghai in the past couple months, it may come sooner than we think.

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