Tesla Cancelled Model Y Long Range RWD

When Tesla introduced the prototypes of the Model Y in 2019, it was announced that the family SUV range would consist of four versions: Standard Range RWD (rear-wheel drive), Long Range RWD (rear-wheel drive), Long Range Dual Motor (wheel drive). all-wheel drive) and Long Range Dual Motor Performance (all-wheel drive). Now we’ve learned Tesla has cancelled the Model Y Long Range RWD.

Following its well-known strategy of offering the most expensive variants first to control initial demand and achieve greater profitability during the production ramp, throughout the first year of the Model Y Tesla market focused on the all-wheel-drive versions.

With manufacturing in Fremont on track, Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced by surprise that the Standard Range RWD variant would ultimately not hit the market because it would not achieve the minimum range of 250 miles that customers expected from the brand.

However, earlier this year, the company announced without notice, the production Model Y Standard Range RWD with a range of 244 miles. Very close to Musk’s limit just a few months ago. Therefore, the electric SUV finally received a true access variant capable of boosting its sales to the figures achieved by its younger brother, the Model 3.

However, at the time we wondered if the Long Range RWD would still have a place in between that of the Standard Range RWD and that of the Long Range Dual Motor. Do not lose sight of the fact that Tesla discontinued the Model 3 Long Range RWD at the time (its production in Fremont ended in 2019, while just a few weeks ago it also stopped leaving the lines of Giga Shanghai) because the brand preferred direct sales towards the more expensive and profitable all-wheel-drive versions.

Now, Tesla has cancelled the Model Y Long Range RWD, the version with the potential to reach the longest range. This move, which meant the disappearance of the variant with greater autonomy from the Model 3 range (as it combined the most efficient powertrain with the larger battery), has now been repeated with the Model Y: Tesla has begun to notify the reservists that the model has finally been canceled, redirecting them to the Standard Range RWD and Long Range Dual Motor. Those who choose this latest version may benefit from a small discount on the purchase of the FSD (Full Self-Driving) system as compensation.

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