Tesla Prepares to Increase the Number of Superchargers in Europe with 226 New Chargers

Currently, the Tesla Supercharger network in Europe is made up of 539 stations spread across the continent. It has multiplied in the early years but has experienced a slight slowdown in the last few years. But now, according to the latest information, the American manufacturer is preparing for a significant change in the current situation.

According to the data, there is currently a ship from California transporting a total of 226 Superchargers bound for Europe. A shipment that should arrive in the next few days at the Dutch port of Rotterdam will begin its distribution in the areas where it will be installed.

At the moment, there is no data on what will be the destination of this important order that will allow expanding the network in those areas where its presence is most needed, and that will undoubtedly play a fundamental role in the commercial strategy of a Tesla that it has found in its network one of its central values.

Another possibility is that these chargers are the new generation V3, which will allow offering recharges above 250 kW. An exciting tool both from the commercial point of view and from the practical point of view, as it will improve the rotation of vehicles in the densest areas, increasing the number of cars per day.

And it is that with the factory in Germany advancing in its construction at full speed, Tesla needs to anticipate a significant increase in sales that will come when this facility begins to bring vehicles forward. Something that the initial plans indicated would happen in the second half of 2021, but given the progress of the works, everything suggests that it will happen much earlier.

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