Tesla Model X Shrinks Next to Rivian’s Upcoming R1T

The Tesla Model X is a large electric SUV with a length that exceeds five meters and a width of no less than two meters. When this electric car travels on the road, its size usually contrasts with the rest of the cars that surround it.

With the countdown underway for the arrival of Rivian’s new offering to the lucrative pick-up segment, the brand is intensifying testing of its pre-series units. In one of these ‘trips,’ several users have immortalized the trucks while traveling on the highway.

In one of those moments, a Rivian R1T and a Tesla Model X were placed side by side, which allowed both electric vehicles’ proper size and appearance to be put into context.

Comparatively speaking and for a short period in which both vehicles remain paired, the large size in real life of the R1T truck is appreciated, which with its 5.54 meters long, its two meters wide (with the mirrors folded), and 1.83 m in height, it gives the impression of making the Tesla Model X wane when driving alongside it.

When it come to the segment of trucks in the United States, size matters a lot when it comes to conquering one of the market segments that currently offers the highest profit and sales.

During one of the compiled videos recorded from inside a car chasing Rivian’s pick-ups, the line of the R1T and its optics’ effect can be seen in the middle of the traffic.

These images offer a different perspective than the official photos of the brand. Their new product gains in appeal, thanks to lines that convince even the channel that immortalizes the meeting.

The Rivian R1T is one of the most anticipated pick-ups by the North American public. Just a few days after the videos’ release showing its test units, the CEO of Rivian RJ himself. Scaringe published a video via Twitter of an excursion with his own family to the snowy mountains located an hour away from Los Angeles.

Scaringe and Rivian continue to whet an appetite in a market increasingly interested in new electric truck options to come from Rivian, Tesla, GM, Lordstown Motors, Bollinger, and others.

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