Tesla Opens 72-Stall Supercharger Station in Shanghai

Tesla has officially opened the world’s largest Supercharger station. The 72 stall station is located in Shanghai and tops the company’s previous 56 stall station record in Firebaugh, CA.

In order to optimize owner experience, Tesla made the decision to invest in its own charging networks instead of rely on third party networks for when charging its EVs. The Supercharging network was developed for long-distance driving as well as quick charging in the city. Destination Charging locations are more for charging for a few hours or overnight when you arrive at hotels, restaurants, and shopping centers across the country.

Tesla recently announced it deployed its 20,000th charger in its Supercharger network. The Supercharger network is capable of charging an electric vehicle at a rate of up to 250 kW with the latest Supercharger V3 technology. However, most stations are equipped with systems capable of charging up to 120 kW.

Some key benefits to Tesla’s Supercharger network, aside from the obvious, is the fact that payment is automatic and handled directly through the billing system. This enables owners to plug in their car and it start charging, as simple as that.

Additionally, you typically find a lot more stalls at a Tesla charging station as the company doesn’t lean on the charging network for revenue but rather to add value to being a Tesla owner. The California-based firm would rather see its owners needs met even if that means having unused stalls.

As previously mention this is the world’s largest Supercharger station to date with 72 fully operational stalls. Just last month Tesla announced its previous largest Supercharger station in Firebaugh, CA with 56 charging stalls.

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