Tesla to Make 10,000 V3 Superchargers a Year in China

Tesla continues to expand its production internationally, fighting in all sectors of four-wheel electric mobility. With the highest market price in the industry, the electric car builder invests +7 million dollars in the Shanghai Gigafactory to produce 10,000 250 kW chargers per year.

Starting in 2021, Tesla hopes to increase Superchargers’ production to boost its extensive charging network for electric cars.

Just a year after the start-up of the first Tesla factory outside the United States, the facilities of the Shanghai Gigafactory do not stop growing.

The Californian giant’s latest investment is “modest” concerning the impact of its result +7 million dollars will allow the completion of the Chinese production line, which will produce 10,000 latest generation ultra-fast charging columns per year.

A Factory to Boost the Cargo Network

The chargers manufactured will correspond to the third generation of V3, capable of reaching charging powers of up to 250 kW. The factory will be operational next quarter.

The destination Destinationargers will be mainly the Chinese market, in a full growth phase, although part of the production will also be exported to other nations.

Tesla’s charging network currently exceeds 20,000 charging points spread over more than 2,000 charging stations that cover all of North America (the United States, Canada, and Mexico), Europe, the Middle East, China, South Korea, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand.

With Tesla’s sales growth in China, the American manufacturer must adapt the Asian giant’s network to stimulate demand thanks to all California car owners’ advantage and comfort provided by the exclusive network of superchargers.

Superchargers as an Added Value

One of the added values ​​of driving a Tesla is determined by access to the world’s largest and most extended recharging network. But apart from their extension and coverage, they offer a differentiated element that completely changes the experience of using an electric car.

Tesla has tried to make the refill operation as comfortable or more than a stop at a gas station. The experience in any season couldn’t be easier.

The recharging process comes down to inserting the CCS Combo cable in Europe into the vehicle’s rear left socket. Reach out and plugin; that’s all it takes to power a Tesla in a V3 to 250kW. (150 kW in the V2).

Once the charge is complete, it is unplugged and ready; there is nothing else to do. There is no need to pay, press an option in an application, or go through the cashier like at a gas station. The charge is charged directly to the card associated with the Tesla owner’s account.

In Tesla’s charging network, you don’t have to look for an app’s location, activate the charger, or take out cards to start the charging point.

Tesla has ensured that the user does not even have to open or close the charger cover to start or finish charging.

All Tesla chargers, including portable or Destination chargers, have a button that opens the electric car’s lid remotely.

The convenient and easy recharging experience deployed by Tesla has so far not been emulated by the competition. The loading simplicity enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of owners reinforces its expansion thanks to the extra production provided by the Shanghai Giga from 2021.

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