Los Angeles to Receive 200 Tesla V3 Superchargers

In a new announcement, Tesla has revealed it will be adding over 200 Superchargers to the Los Angeles area. 

It is no secret that Tesla has been in the work of expanding its Supercharger network, but until now they haven’t made good on most of their promises. Tesla launched the new Supercharger V3 and begun adding Superchargers around the world last year. The company ended the year with over 15,000 Superchargers at 1,716 locations. Tesla currently has 1,971 Supercharger stations with 17,467 Superchargers proving that the company has picked up on installations around the world. 

Earlier this month, the Next Avenue reported on a 56-stall Supercharger station that began installation seemingly overnight in Firebaugh, California. Now we are seeing a similar scene play out in downtown Los Angeles where a sign was seen announcing “200+ V3 charging stalls coming to the LA Metro in 2021”:

Although there are already 20 Supercharger stations in the metro area and more than 200 stalls, majority of them are Supercharger V2 stalls. As it is know, Supercharger V3 stations provide a much quicker charge, intern improving the charging capacity in the region.

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