Construction of Tesla’s 56 Stall Supercharger Goes Unnoticed

Tesla is set to install a 56-stall Supercharger station in Firebaugh, California that is already under construction. The California-based automaker has kept this project tightly under-wraps until now.

In its latest project Tesla is taking the issue of electric car charging network expansion head on by not only adding another Supercharging station to its docket but expanding the number of stalls found in it.

Tesla’s current largest Supercharging station in the U.S. can be found in Kettleman City, CA and has 40 stalls and lounge areas. Outside the U.S., the world’s largest Supercharger station is located in Shanghai and has 50 stalls.

Now, Tesla fan @bryanMackSC came upon what appears to be Tesla’s upcoming station under construction in Firebaugh as reported by Teslarati:

Another Tesla fan @MontrealTesla, did some research and confirmed details about the project:

It will be equipped with 56 stalls, but no information on whether it will feature the new V3 Supercharger technology was released. In addition to the stalls, it will also have a new restaurant and convenience store.

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