Tesla Accelerates its Offense with the Supercharger Network

Tesla’s network of Superchargers has become one of the cornerstones of the American manufacturer. With increasingly numerous and competitive competition, having the ever-expanding network of chargers gives those at Elon Musk’s company a competitive advantage. Something that they know perfectly and where they are not only not slowing down, but accelerating it.

For example, the milestone was achieved yesterday in China, where the deployment began somewhat later than in the West. The speed starts to be dizzying, activating no less than 29 new stations in a single day.

We can also add that 20 of the 29 new chargers are V3, which will offer up to 250 kW powers per point, which will accelerate the rotation of vehicles and facilitate mobility in areas with the highest vehicle density.

And all this before even starting up the new facility that will be in charge of manufacturing the Superchargers themselves and that Tesla prepares in China, from where 10,000 next-generation ultra-fast charging points will come out every year.

We can contextualize a figure with the little more than 20,000 points that currently make up the worldwide network of Tesla Superchargers. Something that shows us how far from stopping its expansion, Tesla is preparing to put the “Ludicrous” mode.

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