Tesla Supercharger Headed to 45 Target Locations

In a letter from Target to Tesla’s Supercharger team, released via Tweet by user MarcoRP, it appears to be an authorization to file Supercharger permit applications, in addition to a list of locations and an agreement between the two companies.

As seen in the agreement, it is originally dated December 2019 and does not expire until the end of this year. Although this isn’t the first time we’ve heard of Tesla installing Superchargers at Target stores this is the first we’ve seen any numbers. According to the agreement there are currently 45 planned locations with the option to request additional expansion.

The document was shared on Twitter by MarcoRP (@MontrealTesla):

It is no secret that fast-charging companies typically go this route when trying to expand. With Tesla already having an agreement with Wawa it is a no brainer to choose an abundantly popular store that already has the space to spare, and for the most part, would be a highly accessible charging point for many. 

As we all know range anxiety is a real thing and is a huge factor on whether or not some customer will make the switch to EVs. However, public charging infrastructure is growing rapidly. With more and more people seeing fast-charging stations at their favorite neighborhood market or grocery store, the more familiar they will come become with electric vehicles, and will hopefully continue to normalize them.

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