Tesla Begins First Model Y Deliveries in China

Tesla has officially begun deliveries of its Model Y in China. Tesla is using a new vehicle introduction strategy for the Model Y where it will only be offered in markets that it is produced in. This strategy differs from Tesla’s previous one where the automaker imported vehicles from its Fremont factory in California. Tesla delivered MIC Model Y units to a total of 10 major Chinese cities

Tesla has been hard at work expanding Gigafactory Shanghai for the past nine months in preparation for the production of the electric SUV. With the expansion we have seen the plant more than double in size.

In October, the EV giant released pictures showing the progress of Model Y production at Gigafactory Shanghai. These photos included the new Model Y factory and die cast machines being built, body manufacturing robots, and the first photos of the Model Y paint shop in the new factory. 

The Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology registered the made-in-China Model Y in November, and included it in its 12th batch of recommended “new energy vehicles” making it eligible for electric vehicle incentives in the country.

Shortly after, Tesla began production of the Model Y at Gigafactory Shanghai and early this month updated its online configurator with the production version which confirmed that deliveries would begin this month.

Furthermore, Tesla also decreased the price of the M-I-C Model Y to 339,900 yuan ($52,000) for the Long Range Dual Motor version, and 369,900 yuan ($56,600) for the Performance version. Shortly after, the automaker apparently sold out of the Model Y in the country until the second quarter. According to Tesla’s online configurator, new Model Y orders will be set for delivery in Q2 and Performance versions Q3.

Now Tesla China has confirmed that deliveries of the new Model Y for the Chinese market have begun via their Weibo account (translated from Chinese):

“Special” Don’t be surprised, overjoyed Y! Today’s first batch of #中国制造Model Y# was officially delivered in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Wenzhou, Wuxi, Changzhou and Ningbo. This is the Tesla speed! During the special period, the delivered vehicles have been fully disinfected, and the staff also prepared an “epidemic prevention package” for car owners to make the delivery more secure. Thanks to the car owners for their trust and support, Tesla will continue to “power up” to bring smarter and more convenient travel experience to car owners and friends, so that every trip will be full of electricity!”

Tesla currently holds the title for best-selling electric car in China with the Model 3; however, the Model Y is very likely to overtake it in the short term, as SUVs are becoming increasingly popular in the region.

The company didn’t confirm how many Model Y units have been delivered, but they did announce that they started deliveries in 10 Chinese cities at once including Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuhan, Hefei, Wenzhou, Wuxi ,Changzhou, and Ningbo.

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