Has Tesla Improved Model Y Quality Issues?

It is no secret that Tesla has struggled in the past, receiving complaints about the Tesla Model Y as well as other Tesla models in regards to its quality finish. The first year of production specifically draws out the thought that the EV giant may launch models before they have all the kinks worked out on the production line. Thus resulting in unhappy buyers with vehicles that don’t meet the standards they were expecting.

Tesla Owners Online wanted to find out what kind of improvements have been made, if any, to the Tesla Model Y. They examined a new Model Y built in September to find out: “Quite honestly, when you’re spending this kind of money on a car, the quality should be much better… Every Model Y I’ve seen so far has had problems”

According to the host, he did not see any of the typical build issues seen in the trim, panel gaps, interior, or rubber door gaskets that have previously been reported. Of course, with the amount of money you’re dishing out for the electric crossover, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t inspect your new Model Y for such issues.

The video bodes well for Tesla and the quality issues they have seen in the past. They have seemingly corrected the initial manufacturing issues, at least when it comes to the Model Y. As far as its other models, it’s hard to base Tesla’s overall average build quality improvements on one car. Now, it’s a matter of consistency, especially at that price point, and with that only time will tell.  

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