First Quarter Tesla Model Ys Sold Out in China

According to an update to the Tesla website, the first quarter of Model Ys in China are sold out after just a few days of orders.

Tesla disclosed a while back that it would only introduce its Model Y electric SUV in markets where it was being produce. The automaker does not plan on importing from its Fremont factory in California like it has with past vehicle programs. Lucky for China, Tesla has been expanding to support the production of the Model Y at its Gigafactory in Shanghai for the past nine months. Since October, the plant has more than doubled in as seen in pictures released by the automaker. 

Shortly after Tesla released the new pictures of the Model Y Shanghai factory, the Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology registered the made-in-China Model Y. Additionally, the Tesla Model Y has been included in the ministry’s 12th batch of recommended “new energy vehicles.” Making the electric SUV eligible for electric vehicle incentives in the country.

Over the past few weeks Tesla has begun production of the Model Y at Gigafactory Shanghai. The automaker updated the online configurator with the production version last week and confirmed deliveries will start this month.

Furthermore, Tesla also decreased the price of the M-I-C Model Y to 339,900 yuan ($52,000) for the Long Range Dual Motor version, and 369,900 yuan ($56,600) for the Performance version. According to some reports the newly priced Model Y received over 100,000 Bookings in just 10 Hours.

Now we are learning that the automaker has apparently sold out of the Model Y in the country until the second quarter. According to Tesla’s online configurator, new Model Y orders will be set for delivery in Q2 and Performance versions Q3.

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