Tesla Model Y Officially Eligible for EV Incentives in China

As Gigafactory Shanghai finishes its expansion in preparation for the production of the Model Y, Tesla has now secured tax exemptions for “new energy vehicles” in China. This essential step is one of the last ones before the company can begin delivering the electric SUV to customers in the country.

Unlike previous vehicle programs presented by Tesla, the Model Y will only be introduced in the markets where it is being locally produced. Tesla has spent the last 10 months expanding Gigafactory Shanghai for the production of the Model Y for customers in China. With this expansion we have seen the Shanghai plant more than double in size. 

Tesla released new pictures of the upcoming Model Y Shanghai factory last month showing just how much progress the company has made at the site. Shortly after, the Chinese Ministry of Industry & Information Technology registered the made-in-China Model Y.

Now we are learning that the Tesla Model Y is included in the ministry’s 12th batch of recommended “new energy vehicles.” With this, the electric SUV is now eligible for electric vehicle incentives in the country.

In addition to this announcement, a camouflaged prototype Model Y was seen being tested at Gigafactory Shanghai prior to the start of production:

Production for the Model Y in China is seemingly ready to begin any day now. However, the timeline of production and deliveries of the Model Y in China was set by Tesla for “early 2021.” 

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