Tesla Model Y Aces NHTSA Crash and Safety Test

The Tesla Model Y has passed its NHTSA crash and safety test with flying colors coming out at the top of the class, with a 5-star safety rating.

It might be easy to get wrapped up in all the cool features Tesla vehicles offer, with their cutting edge technology and advancements in autonomous driving. However, the EV giant continues to reiterate that safety is its number on priority. Whether it’s to warn of the dangers of using its Full Self-Driving without proper supervision or a simple reminder to put on a seatbelt, the safety of the driver and passengers is priority number one.

The Tesla Model S and Model X both achieved 5-star safety ratings in their recent NHTSA crash and safety tests. Furthermore, they both came out with some of the lowest probability of severe injury ever. The Model 3 was also at the top of the class with 5-star ratings in all categories and the lowest probability of injury ever tested from NHTSA. The Model 3 is no stranger to safety recognition as it previously received 5 stars from the Euro NCAP and was even called a “new safety technology benchmark,” and achieved 5 stars from the Australiasian NCAP.

Now the Model Y is receiving its deserved attention in regards to safety. The Model Y was also able to achieve a perfect rating during it NHTSA crash and safety test. Like the Model 3, the small electric SUV earned 5 stars in each category resulting in an overall 5-star safety rating.

The Model Y will most likely be put through safety testing from IIHS and the Euro NCAP sometime during this year. You can check out the Model Y‘s full safety and crash test in the video provided by the NHTSA below:

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