Tesla Recalls 400+ Model Y Units

Following the recall announcement of over 9,000 Model X units, Tesla has issued a second recall on 437 Model Y SUVs. This recall is due to the potential of the upper control arm separating from the steering knuckle caused by a loose bolt. To date the issue has been reported in three Model Ys. No accidents cause by the issue have been reported.

In the defect report to NHTSA, Tesla described the issue saying “The bolts connecting the front upper control arm and steering knuckle may not have been torqued to specification. If not properly secured, the upper control arm can unseat from the steering knuckle, resulting in excessive negative or positive camber and adverse impact to steering.”

With the excessive wheel camber, control of the vehicles is lessened, increasing the risk of an accident, which ultimately led to the recall.

Tesla also described the timeline leading up to the recall saying “On Sunday, November 1, 2020, the Field Quality team learned of two vehicle repairs (one on Sept. 21, 2020, and one on Oct. 16, 2020) where the upper control arm had separated from the steering knuckle. The repairs were reviewed by engineering and production teams and an investigation into root cause and scope was initiated, during which a third vehicle repair on October 18, 2020, was identified. None of the incidents resulted in injury or a crash. On Tuesday, November 10, 2020, this matter was reviewed with Tesla executives and Tesla determined that a safety-related defect exists.”

The automaker announced the recall affects 437 Model Y units based on a “two-month period in which manufacturing records cannot confirm that the front upper control arm was properly fastened to the steering knuckle” on said units.

To remedy the situation, Tesla adjusted its processes in recent weeks: “Various changes were promptly made to the production line installation process to mitigate reoccurrence, torque angle limits were refined, and secondary inspections and audits were implemented.

Owners of the affected Model Y units will be notified in order to have their vehicles serviced. Affected units will receive a simple fix that includes adjusting the fastener to internal specifications.

Read the entire defect report submitted to the NHTSA below:

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