U.S. Tesla Model Y Features Heated Steering Wheel

Tesla has introduced a highly requested feature in its recently updated Model Y crossover that will take the chill off even the coldest hands. Something that has been asked for for years is finally a feature in Tesla vehicles in the U.S., a heated steering wheel.

So far, the new heated steering wheel feature has only been confirmed on MIC Model Y units. However, according to Youtuber and Tesla enthusiast, Bearded Tesla Guy, he has two confirmed reports of U.S. units that are equipped with a heated steering wheel. One of the U.S. cars delivered with a heated steering wheel is a Standard Range model leading us to believe it could eventually become a feature available for all Model Y variants:

Looking at Tesla’s official website there is no mention of a heated steering wheel option, but as we’ve seen in the last week, Tesla configurators can change at the drop of a hat.

No official information was released on whether or not Tesla would follow suite with the Model 3. However, in October, infamous Tesla hacker ‘green’ suggested that the refreshed Model 3 would in fact come equipped with a heated steering wheel. It seems almost certain as the two vehicles already share a good number of their components.

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