Tesla Plans to Install New Monitoring System to Reduce Production Errors

Tesla has launched a job offer for an engineer who will design and install an automated camera inspection system to monitor the assembly lines at its California factory. A step that will seek to reduce unit production failures that are reaching customers, in some cases, in unfortunate conditions.

This technology is not new, and different brands have used it to streamline production lines and reduce assembly errors or dirt problems that can spoil key processes such as painting.

One of them is Ford, which in 2008 implemented in its Almussafes factory a system developed by the Institute of Design and Manufacturing of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, equipped with 12 cameras from the Danish manufacturer JAI Cameras, capable of capturing 15 images per second to create the 3D model of the vehicle and detect any unanticipated imperfections in the car’s design.

With this move, Tesla seeks to solve one of its main problems in the technical aspect and its reputation. And is that any small problem that happens to a unit has a worldwide impact. Something that leaves little room to maneuver and requires more demanding controls.

But it is not only that the problems are more magnitude for being Tesla, but even among the experts’ analyses, such as the reliability ranking of the consultancy JD Power, Tesla has placed in the last position. Something that sooner or later will affect your image and sales.

A new opportunity for Tesla to take a leap forward and where it can take advantage of advances in technologies which can help them improve error rates that are weighing on the California factory. Tesla lowest rated when it comes to reliability compared to that of Tesla’s plant in Shanghai, which has higher construction reliability rates.

A technology that, in addition to better-finished vehicles, and without failures such as flying roofs or pieces that do not fit together, will speed up production lines. A key aspect that will allow us to get the most out of each installation and achieve the goal of reaching 800,000 units this year.

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