Tesla Launches Cheaper Model Y Variant and Third-Row Seating Option

According to a new update to Tesla’s Model Y configurator, The automaker is now offering a new cheaper Standard Range rear-wheel-drive variant as well as the option for third-row seating. 

Although a cheaper Model Y variant was expected from the EV giant, the fact that it is a Standard Range option is a surprise. Tesla CEO Elon Musk originally revealed that there would not be a Standard Range Model Y variant as it would present with an “unacceptably low” range of less than 250 miles.

However, the updates to its online configurator show that Tesla has indeed launched a cheaper Model Y Standard Range version that has a EPA-estimated range of 244 miles. The rear-wheel-drive Model Y Standard Range starts at $43,190. This cheaper single-motor rear-wheel-drive crossover is able to complete 0-60 mph in just 5.3-second and has a top speed of 135 mph. If you’ve been waiting to get your hands on the cheaper Model Y variant, place your order today and you will receive your brand new Tesla in 2-5 weeks according to Tesla’s website.

Another surprise found in the updates to Tesla’s Model Y configurator was the option of third-row seating. You have to make it a little further into the configuration process but, following the choice of color and wheels, you’ll continue to what is being dubbed the “Seven Seat Interior.” The $3,000 option adds a third row of seating without affecting said delivery estimates.

The 7-seat option allows space for two additionally passengers, easy entry, and fold flat for cargo:

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