VIDEO: First Look at 7-seat Tesla Model Y

After updating its online configurator to include a new, cheaper Standard Range rear-wheel-drive Model Y variant along with the option for third-row seating, Tesla released a video showing the functionality of the additional seating. 

The EV giant took to Twitter to announce the arrival of the less expensive Standard Range rear-wheel-drive Model Y along with a picture of the also newly offered third-row seating option. Although the picture gives a little idea of what to expect, a lot is still left to the imagination.

However, beggars can’t be choosers and this was the first photo released of the the 7-seat Model Y since Tesla officially launched it, that is until now.

Tesla released a new video to show the functionality of its third-row seating option as well as second row functionality. To be fair,  the videos does a good job explaining how to operate the second and third rows of seating. However, there are no passengers sitting in the seats so it’s still hard to gauge exactly how much leg room is available in the last row. The video does show how to adjust the second row in order to make more room for the passengers in the very back but it still isn’t clear how much. Furthermore the lighting in the video is poor during some segments making it hard to recognize the additional seating option.

Interestingly enough, the video has not been seen on any of Tesla’s social media outlets or the Model Y support page but you can watch the full video below courtesy of Youtube channel Drive Tesla Canada:

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