Tesla Software Leak Suggests New Range Boost for Model Y

After learning that a range increase was coming to the Model 3 following reports of new “efficiency packages” in Tesla’s software, a new leak suggests another range increase coming to Model Y.

Deliveries of the Model Y just started this past March and both versions of the electric SUV have seen improvements since rolling off production. Now, Tesla hacker “Green” is suggesting it will be next in line behind the Model 3 for a significant bump in a range.

Last month, improvements to the vehicle resulted in both versions recieving a bump in range. The Model Y Long Range Dual Motor went from a 316 miles range to now a 325 mile range, while the Model Y Performance is up to 303 miles from its previous 291 miles. 

The bump in range shared the spotlight with the officially launch of the Model 3 2021 refresh. A refresh that increased its  range to 353 miles for the Long Range Dual Motor version, the Standard Range Plus to 263 miles, and the Performance to 315 miles.

Tesla hacker “Green” gave a heads up on the range increase to Model 3 as well after he spotted some new “efficiency packages” in Tesla’s software before the 2021 Model 3 refresh was launched. No details were given on exactly what these new “efficiency packages” included but we did come to find out that a new 82 kWh battery pack in the Model 3 with new battery cells was partially to thank for its range boost.

According to Tesla hacker “Green,” Model Y is also getting a new “efficiency package” from what he’s seen in the latest Tesla firmware update:

There is no time line on when the Model Y will receive said “efficiency package”  or how much it will actually affect its range but we assume it will be similar to the increase seen in the Model 3.

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