Elon Musk’s First Visit to Giga Berlin

Tesla CEO, Elon Musk, has arrived in Brandenburg, Germany for his first visit to Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin since it started construction in January. The CEO will be in Germany for a week to attend a series of meetings, as well as to see the progress of the company’s new European factory.

Upon his arrival, Musk was welcomed by electric vehicles enthusiasts and Tesla fans lining the streets near Giga Berlin in hopes of seeing a glimpse of the CEO. Once there, Musk met with a group of people that would seemingly show him where the company’s electric vehicles will be produced at the new site beginning next year. Video courtesy of Tobias Lindh:

As mentioned before, this is the first time Musk has visited the site since the beginning of its construction, but not by his own accord. The CEO planned on attending its groundbreaking ceremony. However, with the U.S. border closure brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, Musk was unable to attend without running into trouble when trying to enter back into the U.S.

Foundation work for Giga Berlin was completed following the land leveling process completed in April. Since then, Telsa has ramped up its effort in an attempt to complete the new factory in record time.

As the Next Avenue previously reported, crews on the site are utilizing a pre-fabricated construction methods. This type of method helps to decrease the amount of time taken to put the factory’s buildings together. It appears that this method has paid off as several buildings have already been erected, such as the Drive Unit facility which received a roof on the completed walls just a month after beginning construction.

In addition to Musk’s visit to Giga Berlin, he also met with German Economic Minister, Peter Altmaier, to discuss how the country’s economy can, and hopefully will, benefit from Giga Berlin.

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