Tesla Berlin Gigafactory Will Be Ready This Year

The initial plans for the German Gigactaory was for the production lines to be ready in July 2021. Allowing them to start producing cars at a remarkable rate, approaching the dates achieved at the time by the Tesla plant in China.

But now several media are indicating that the North American manufacturer is even accelerating its deadlines thanks to aspects such as the experience gained during the construction of the Shanghai plant, which, as we recall, took just 168 days from the last permit to the completion of the works.

The idea that the Berlin Gigafactory could already be in operation this year has been discussed among others by Business Insider, which states that Tesla will be able to start manufacturing in Germany at the end of 2020. A milestone that, if achieved, would be an impact on an industry where a new factory takes typically two to three years to be operational.

From Business Insider, this tells us that Tesla is not only revolutionizing the automotive industry. It is also transforming the manufacturing process with the development of its “machine-building machine” philosophy. The deadlines seem too optimistic even for Tesla, especially considering that it had a slight hiatus due to coronavirus that has slightly slowed down the deadlines.

Tesla would have managed to build factories in the three main world automobile markets in less than three years. Allowing the automaker to achieve high production and close to its customers. Tesla is already working on building a new facility that will possibly be located in Texas, and will be responsible, among other things, to produce the striking Cybertruck.

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