Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin “Body in White” Building Begins to Take Shape

The first beams of the “Body in White” section of Tesla’s Gigafactory Berlin have been erected, as the company continues the rapid construction of its European manufacturing plant.

With the Body in White stage in full effect the company’s July 2021 production is looking more and more plausible. As shown in photos posted to the @gigafactory_4 Twitter, vertical beams are being installed on the foundation of the Body in White building.

The California-based company plans to produce its Model Y at Giga Berlin next year, with the beginning of its manufacturing process expected to happen in the Body in White building. As far as the Berlin Model Y details, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said during the company’s Q2 2020 Earnings Call “we’re really changing the design of the car in order to make it more manufacturable.” Musk added “The fundamental architecture of Model Y will be different in Berlin, it may look the same, but the internals will be quite different and fundamentally more efficient architecturally than what we’ve done to date.”

Among other factors, Gigafactory Berlin’s speedy construction is partially thanks to its construction methods. As the Next Avenue Reported, the company is using contracted construction crews on site that are utilizing prefabricated methods. This method entails some parts of buildings being put together at a separate location, then being transported and installed at the site. A method that significantly accelerates construction time.

Aside from the Body in White building, the Northern wall of the Drive Unit facility is close to completion. After just six days since the first partitions were erected, it is the furthest progressed building of the European facility. 

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