Construction is Up and Running as Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s Pillars Go Vertical

Tesla Gigafactory Berlin’s construction appears to be up and running, with the first vertical pillars on site being installed today. Unlike Gigafactory Shanghai who’s first pillars were constructed of metal, the first pillar in the Gigafactory Berlin complex appears to be made of concrete. Until more is revealed about the construction plans there is no telling how this Gigafactory will differ structurally from Gigafactory Shanghai or Nevada.

At first glance, the progress of Gigafactory Berlin looked to be exceptionally slower than Gigafactory Shanghai. Less than a year after breaking ground, Gigafactory Shanghai was able to start trial vehicle production. With the first pillars being built today at Gigafactory Berlin, it seems as though Tesla’s first European factory could potentially meet Gigafactory Shanghai’s seemingly unbeatable drive.

Tesla’s German-based factory is expected to be the company’s largest factory yet. Elon Musk stated that Gigafactory Berlin will have the world’s “most advanced paint shop, with more layers of stunning colors that subtly change with curvature.” The company is also expected to introduce a number of other innovations to the company’s vehicle production development. As far as the paint shop improvements, the upgrades will most likely make their debut at the Berlin plant, but will eventually be expanded to Fremont and Shanghai.

Gigafactory Berlin is expected to produce the Model Y for the European region with plans to begin production sometime next year. Without relying on vehicle shipments from the United States, Tesla should be able to expand its reach in the region. As soon as the complex’s Phase 1 zone is completed, Tesla should be able to start making Model Ys, while other parts of the site continue to be under construction. 

Tesla submitted filings to local officials that revealed quite a few interesting facilities that the company has planned for the complex. One of which is a large area close to the main manufacturing sections marked “Cell.” Could the company’s Project Roadrunner site in Fremont have inspired a cell production line in upcoming Gigafactories? Only time will tell as we witness the development of this unique factory.

See below a fly over of the Berlin Gigafactory site:

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