Tesla Autopilot Saves Model 3 from Crashing into Truck

Following another incident surrounding Tesla’s Autopilot where a Tesla Model S crashed into not one, but two police vehicles, a different Tesla owner uploaded a video of what he says is Tesla’s Autopilot helping to avoid an out-of-control truck.

Tesla has been working on a rewrite for its FSD and CEO Elon Musk recently took to twitter saying the improvement will come as a “quantum leap.” However the system still has a long journey before it can be labeled completely autonomous. Although we’ve seen our fair share of incidents caused by irresponsible drivers relying solely on their vehicles Autopilot, regardless of the warnings not to, the number of reports from Tesla owners showing active safety features powered by Autopilot are rising. 

This time, a Tesla Model 3 owner uploaded a video that captured his Autopilot swerving away from an out of control truck before the he even had a chance to react. The video was filmed via Tesla’s TeslaCam integrated dashcam feature:

The driver states in the description of the video “Tesla Autopilot saved my butt today. I don’t know if I would’ve swerved left as quickly as the autopilot did without needing to check there first for traffic. It all happened pretty quickly, but I am reasonably sure there was an initial hard jerk ‘controlled by the car’ and I turned the wheel more thinking the autopilot was messed up which kicked it off.”

We feel it necessary to say again, when using Autopilot, the driver should always pay attention to the road and have their hands on the wheel and ready to take control if needed.

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