Elon Musk Talks Elevator Music and External Speakers

In a video posted to Twitter by Tesla CEO Elon Musk, we see a SpaceX rocket fairing being recovered in a netting with the sound of elevator music playing in the background. The CEO posted a followup tweet saying “Elevator music is underated.”

Now, Musk wants Tesla to build a new feature that will allow its cars to play “snake jazz or Polynesian elevator music through its outside speakers.”

External speakers can be found on Tesla vehicles with the main function being to produce a warning sound for pedestrians. A sound that has become mandatory for EVs in many places.

As external speakers have become required, Musk has been trying different things in order to utilize them to the fullest. For instance, the CEO jokingly mentioned Teslas featuring a fart machine and then actually followed through with the feature.

“Snake jazz” may sound familiar if you’re a fan of the TV show Rick and Morty and have seen the episode set on a planet of snakes that have a knack for jazz music. Clearly, Musk is a fan of the hit series as Tesla’s Sentry Mode feature plays a scene from the show.

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