Is Tesla Preparing an Off-Road Version of the Model Y?

YouTube channel The Kilowatts has captured a strange test mule based on the Tesla Model Y circulating the Fremont factory. It shows a higher ground clearance and tires geared towards off-road driving leading us to believe that Tesla may be preparing an off-road version of its latest model.

The photographed unit shows a striking sand-colored bodywork, although this painting may be a simple way to camouflage other car modifications. Although it may be a unit belonging to a private individual, the fact that it does not have a license plate seems to reinforce the theory that it is a prototype of Tesla itself.

Considering that the Model Y is a global car, it would not be surprising if Tesla was preparing an adapted version capable of driving over rugged terrain. Another possibility is that the firm is considering offering an optional pack to improve its midsize SUV’s performance off the asphalt.

We should not rule out that Tesla is developing a more sophisticated, intelligent all-wheel-drive system capable of providing greater traction when driving through the field. Not surprisingly, models like the Model Y have high structural rigidity despite not having a frame with stringers and cross members, thanks to batteries in the underbody.

Already at the time, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, confirmed that the Cybertruck pick-up would have an outstanding field performance thanks, among other things, to an optimized air suspension system. Technology developed for the truck later may make its way to other models like the Model Y itself.

The launch of a vehicle with a playful orientation would allow Tesla to face Rivian directly, an ambitious startup focused on creating adventurous electric cars that will launch its first models this year, the R1T pick-up and the R1S SUV.

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