Elon Musk Reveals Why Standard Range Model Y Vanished

Tesla removed its Model Y Standard Range from its online configurator over the weekend, but we are now learning it may not be gone for good. 

In a response to a tweet yesterday, Tesla CEO Elon Musk revealed the Model Y Standard Range is still available as an “off-the-menu” item.

The Model Y Standard Range was a shock to many when it went live on the automakers configurator as Musk was previously noted saying a base version Model Y wasn’t going to happen.

The reason behind this was because Musk said its range would be “unacceptably low” at less than 250 miles which is apparently the same reason it has been removed after only a month of being available.

The change was sudden and came without explanation until Elon Musk found himself in a familiar place, responding to tweets. The CEO commented on the situation via in a response to a Twitter user when asked why the Standard Range electric SUV was removed from the configurator:

As mentioned above, the arrival of the Standard Range Model Y took many by surprise with just 244 miles of range, but as quickly as it came, it just as quickly disappeared. 

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