Tesla Model Y Receives New Center Console Seen in Refreshed Model 3

After introducing its new center console to the Model 3 last year, Tesla has now started to do the same in its Model Y electric SUV.

Tesla launched a refreshed version of the Model 3 late last year. The refresh included new and updated features, one of which is a new front center console. The new console has a matte finish instead of the glossy black finish the previous Model 3 featured.

However, the finish isn’t the only change. The phone charger is now embedded into the top section of the console instead of just being an addition, and is wrapped in a faux leather material. Furthermore, the center section is more robust and now slides open instead of the flimsy flipping system seen in the previous Model 3:

The Model 3 and the Model Y share practically all the same components so it was odd the automaker decided to integrate the new center console into the new Model 3 and not the Model Y. However, Tesla has apparently begun integrating the new console into its Model Y.

Tesla Motors Club member, joeinsac found a few new Tesla Model Y units at the Tesla center in Rocklin, California that were equipped with the new center console:

According to the photographs provided, one of the vehicle’s VIN was showing 122,778 and a build date of 02/09/2021.

However, looking at the automakers website, the online configurator still shows the old center console for the electric SUV, leaving it unclear whether all new Model Y units will have the newly integrated console, or the automaker is still in a transitional period.

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