Elon Musk and Joe Rogan Talk Flying Cars and Next-Gen Tesla Roadster

Tesla CEO Elon Musk told Joe Rogan that he wants Tesla’s next-gen Roadster to be able to hover. The CEO has been noted saying he wants the Roadster to fly since unveiling in 2017, going so far as to say it would be able to “fly short hops.” 

Musk has also said he wants to offer a rocket thruster package for the second-generation Roadster and recently tweeted it would be “part rocket” when asked if it can fly. 

However, hovering is a new goal from the CEO. Musk told Rogan during the comedian’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, “I want it to hover, and I was trying to figure out how to make this thing hover without, you know, killing people.” Musk added “Maybe it can hover like a meter above the ground, or something like that. If you plummet it’ll blow out the suspension but you’re not gonna die.”

If you plummet you won’t die, isn’t the most reassuring statement, regardless its a pretty extraordinary idea. However, as Musk mentioned 4 years ago, it’s a question of safety. A question that will put safety regulators to work should Musk follow through with the idea.

Although producing a hovering Roadster is one of the more extreme boundaries Musk has pushed, its not the only one the CEO has tested recently. The introduction of the refreshed Model S sedan and Model X SUV last month presented a new U-shaped yoke steering wheel that left many questioning the automaker’s decision. Furthermore, it was apparently news to the National Highway Traffic Association (NHTSA). Another feature on the refreshed models that has safety regulators raising an eye brow is the fact that the vehicles automatically shift between park, reverse, neutral, and drive.

When asked whether the new yoke steering wheel seen in the refreshed Model S/X was street legal, Musk said “Yeah, I mean they use a yoke in Formula One,” which Rogan quickly responded “Yeah, but you’re not on the highway in a Formula One car.” Rogan added “I like driving like this, resting my hand on the top of the wheel.”

Musk went on to reassure Rogan that Tesla’s FSD features are sure to suffice saying “Well, Autopilot is getting good enough that you won’t need to drive most of the time,” adding “I find you can rest your hand on your knee… it works great.”

Musk recently announced on Twitter that the timeline for the second-generation Roadster had been delayed until 2022. He noted that the car is currently being pushed through the final stages of its development. It will come with a base price of $200,000, though you can make a reservation for the $250,000 Founder Series model right now if you’ve got an extra 50k laying around.

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