Last Original Tesla Roadster Ever Built on Sale for $1.5 Million

In what seems to be an attempt at labeling Tesla’s first vehicle as a collector car, someone has listed an original Tesla Roadster for sale at an outrageous price of $1.5 million. Although it may not be such a far fetched asking price as some people in the auto industry have said that the original Tesla Roadster has the potential to become popular among car collectors.

Between 2008 and 2011 around 2,500 Tesla Roadsters were made making it quite the rarity. It has also been said that the Roadster is one of the cars that started the electric revolution considering the use of its lithium-ion batteries. 

Although it is an impractical asking price, it isn’t the first time someone has asked an extreme amount for a Roadster. As reported by Electrek a few years ago, someone tried to sell an early Tesla Roadster “prototype” for $1 million.

According to a listing out of Switzerland, someone has listed the Tesla Roadster VIN 2500, the last original Roadster ever built. It is claimed that it was kept in its original condition and only has 200 km on the odometer. The asking price – 1,390,000 CHF ($1.5 million USD).

The vehicle’s description in the listing states “We offer the unique opportunity to buy the very last Tesla Roadster ever built, VIN 2500. It is not only the very last Roadster which came out of the factory, it was also prepared and conditioned in a very special way. This car comes in an unique sparkling white, a special white & black interior trim, full Carbon package inside, unique Carbon diffusor, the VIN 2500 badging, white ornaments on the rims and Signatures of the Tesla Team from back in the days on the battery. VIN 2500 was never registered, stored on tire pillows on marble floor and has only ca. 200km original mileage from the factory. The original coverage on the steering wheel, hand brakes, etc. is still on. Of course the battery was kept on ideal level and the overall car serviced. Imagine you missed like everybody the chance for a Ferrari 250 GTO before the prices really took off, now you have it with this very special collectors car from the most valuable car manufactorer in the world.”

You can view the full listing with photographs here.

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