Elon Musk Wants More Renewable Energy in the World

On the occasion of the award received by tycoon Elon Musk by Axel Springer, the CEO of Tesla, during his talk with the media, he left a series of statements that mark the company’s future, after reflecting on strategic aspects of the future of energy demand and production.

According to the South African, the electricity demand will multiply shortly, so the expansion of renewable solutions such as solar, geothermal, and wind energy will be necessary.

For Musk, consumption will “double” with the massive arrival of electric vehicles. For this reason, the CEO of Tesla warns about the need to increase the production capacity of the renewable energy sector.

According to the controversial manager, the increase in zero-emission mobility will be gradual. A period in which the electric car’s transition is completed on a large scale is expected to be stable.

In “20 years” all cars will be electric.

“It will take another 20 years before the car is fully electric. It’s a bit like mobile phones: you can’t replace all of them at once.” – Elon Musk

The declarations mark a time horizon from which different strategies are derived to face a substantial and necessary change in energy production to meet the extra demand for electric vehicles. Consequently, the electrical system will have to adapt the network to meet the peaks and needs that the transformation of mobility will bring with it.

These aspects coincide with three of the areas in which Tesla is involved today. The Palo Alto brand not only produces zero-emission cars; it also produces batteries. The production of these is intended for its fleet of vehicles, but it is part of a growing product exponentially, such as energy storage (the famous Powerpacks and Megapacks).

As if this were the only thing, Tesla also manufactures solar panels, thus closing the business’s circle that Elon Musk declares must be promoted globally.

The multifaceted CEO aims not only to generate more renewable energy to meet demand. He also emphasizes the need to promote energy storage systems to support electrical distribution systems, make the most renewable production when demand is low, or excess production.

For some analysts, Tesla is not an automobile manufacturer; instead, it is a battery manufacturer that also makes cars. The reality that transcends the company’s current evolution suggests that Tesla is configured in the future as a center for comprehensive solutions and even an energy provider.

During the talk, Musk noted how the need for renewable energy storage systems will increase. This involves the development and deployment of backup batteries on a general grid scale. These systems should be able to store energy generated through sources such as solar and wind. Tesla precisely has the range of products to play a key role, too, in this sector.

“Along with large battery packs, you need to combine both wind power with battery packs and solar power.” – Elon Musk.

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