“Every Time Elon Musk Speaks” Will Be a Good Day on Wall Street

Every week that passes, it seems that the price of Tesla a week earlier is cheap compared to the latest record that the brand led by Elon Musk (NASDAQ: TSLA) is reaching on the stock market. The latest closings put the company’s title at $756 this week.

Jim Cramer, the presenter of the CNBC program Mad Money, who imposed his own and differentiated style when analyzing Wall Street’s evolution on television, has made his forecasts about Tesla this week.

For this analyst who does not bite his tongue, Tesla remains an interesting value despite its dizzying price, especially if we see where it was just over 12 months ago.” If you don’t have any, you can still buy them. Don’t buy a lot, but you can certainly even buy something. The roadmap is clear, Elon, every time you speak, it’s going to be good, and I think we all have to come to terms with the fact that President Biden will do anything to make the electric vehicle the central form of transportation.”

With his appearance on TheStreet on Monday, Cramer reviewed the best values ​​for the year 2021. The famous analyst believes that Tesla will still increase in value as its production consolidates, in full growth, with the Texas plants and Berlin’s completion.

These factories will project the Californian brand to a new production level and supply new electric vehicles. “Every time Elon opens a new market, as he is about to do with his factory in Berlin, the shares will go up again,” Cramer said emphatically.

The two new facilities that Tesla is completing, in record time, in the United States and Europe, as well as the new expansion of production in China, will take the manufacturer’s production capacity to new levels.

The arrival of the Model Y in Europe and China, together with the start of production of the Cybertruck, will take Tesla to a new level that will directly impact its shares market prices, according to the analyst.

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