The New Tesla Roadster will Start Production in the Second Half of 2021

When the second-generation Tesla Roadster was released by surprise during the Semi truck unveiling in late 2017, the entire world was shocked at the manufacturer’s promised specifications: 0-60 miles per hour in 1.9 seconds, a top speed of more than 400 km/h and a range of about 620 miles per charge under the demanding and realistic American EPA approval cycle.

Although at the time it was promised that the vehicle would start production in 2020, the date was delayed indefinitely due to the development of more priority projects such as the Semi itself, in addition to the Model Y and Cyberytruck. However, Elon Musk has finally given us new clues about the arrival of the American hypercar, promising that its production will begin in twelve to eighteen months.

This would mean that the definitive model will come to light throughout the second half of 2021. During the conference call following the release of Tesla’s financial results during the second quarter of 2020, Musk confirmed that this ambitious model will finally be produced in California.

The announced deadlines largely coincide with those of the Cybertruck pick-up, which will, however, take place in Texas. Compared to the brand’s high-volume models, the Roadster will position itself as a “halo” vehicle focused on improving the company’s image, a kind of high-priced “dessert” destined to give the coup de grace to sports cars from combustion.

The specifications announced at the time correspond, according to Musk himself, with the access variant of the Roadster. It is interesting to remember that the batteries of the first prototypes (200 kWh) consisted of two Model S Performance packs (100 kWh each), with two 18650 cells “floors” under the same casing. The final version will probably use an even more advanced configuration.

Tesla is slated to release a more accurate timeline for the Roadster by the end of the year, a model that will have to contend with pure 100% electric monsters like the Rimac C_Two, Pininfarina Battista, or Lotus Evija. The main differences with all of them will be that the Roadster will be cheaper (from $200,000), convertible (the prototype has a targa roof), and will have four seats (2 + 2 configuration) instead of two.

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