Giga Berlin Slated to Start Battery Production in 2023

Giga Berlin, Tesla’s first European factory, will start producing 4680 cells within just two years. This information comes from the German Minister of Economy, Jörg Steinbach, which is to give a solid basis to a schedule that, until now, remained a complete mystery due to the secrecy with which Tesla has handled the whole matter.

Although it was initially ruled out that Giga Berlin would even produce batteries, Tesla finally decided to equip the complex with an annex plant dedicated to the manufacture of 4680 cells. Initially, the facilities should reach a record capacity of 100 GWh annually when operating at maximum capacity.

Car manufacturing at the German factory will start in mid-2021; however, the cells used in the vehicles that roll off their assembly lines are initially expected to come from Tesla’s existing pilot plant on Kato Road, California. These facilities will reach a capacity of 10 GWh per year this year.

In Elon Musk’s words, Giga Berlin will also have the “most advanced paint shop in the world,” something that on paper should solve the many finishing problems exhibited by units coming from Fremont. Also, the facilities are expected to have a higher level of automation than other Tesla plants.

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