What Quality Issues? Tesla M-I-C Vehicles Ranked #2 in New Survey

It is no secret that Tesla has had its fair share of quality issue complaints. Issues that Ford CEO had no problem pointing out while hyping up the 2021 Mustang Mach-e. However, new reports from South China Morning Post, show Tesla vehicles produced at the Shanghai Gigafactory in China among the top vehicles in a recent J.D. Power quality survey.

J.D. Power’s 2020 China New Energy Vehicle Experience Index Study ranked Tesla as the second-best battery-powered electric vehicle maker just below electric vehicle startup NIO. Jeff Cai, a general manager at J.D. Power China stated: “Tesla Model 3 is well-received by Chinese consumers as its design and performance beat their expectations in many aspects. In terms of driving experience and digital connectivity, conventional car brands now have a lot to learn from smart EV makers like Tesla.”

It may not come as much of a shock, as the automaker has openly stated that manufacturing at the new China factory is next-level compared to the that at its Fremont plant. One can only hope once the construction of Tesla’s new factory in Texas is finished, it will produce the same level of quality seen leaving Gigafactory Shanghai.

Tesla China was recently scrutinized by local publication, PingWest, for running its Shanghai factory like a “Giga-sweatshop” and spreading false information. Tesla did not take these accusations lightly and has threatened to take PingWest to court over the related article: “Tesla’s Gigafactory in Shanghai engages in manufacturing in accordance with China’s laws and regulations. The manufacturing process is managed based on the highest standards and in a consistent manner.”

Top analysts and car industry leaders seemed to have thought PingWest went a little too far as they have sided with the EV giant saying “a bit far-fetched to say that the plant is a sweatshop.”

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