November Production to Hit 5,700 Cars Per Week at Tesla Giga Shanghai

Before the coronavirus reared its ugly head and took everything we thought 2020 would be away and left us with seemingly endless hardships, many automakers had big plans in the works for the new year. In the beginning of the year, Tesla announced its goal of delivering 500,000 vehicles by the start of 2021. But of course, with mandatory shutdowns wreaking havoc on industries across the globe, it seemed like an impossible feat for the California-based company to achieve.

However, in true Tesla fashion, the company managed to crank out impressive quarterly figures and in September Tesla revealed it had sold 318,350 vehicles. Although these numbers weren’t as impressive as Tesla’s record breaking Q3 sales in 2019 with 367,656 vehicles sold, with all the restrictions the auto industry has had to face during this ongoing health crisis, they are still impressive figures none the less.

Fast forward to current day, we are learning that Tesla has ramped up production of the Model 3 at its Shanghai factory. A move that might push the company enough to achieve the 500,000 planned deliveries in 2020. According to local drone pilot YouTube channel, Wu Was, target production for November is 5,700 cars per week.

If this increase in production seems familiar, it’s because it is. Just last month, Tesla increased production at Giga Shanghai and produced 22,900 cars. The EV giant originally anticipated building 22,400 cars but managed to beat that number easily by 500 units. If Tesla continues to keep up this rate of production at Giga Shanghai it could add close to 70,000 vehicles globally, further its reach towards 500,000 deliveries by the end of the year.

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