Tesla Confirms CCS Adapter for its Own Proprietary Connector

Tesla owners in South Korea received an email from the EV giant stating it will release a CCS adapter for its own proprietary connector. Whether or not it will be released in North America remains unclear. 

After the launch of the Model 3 and it Supercharger V3 in Europe, Tesla decided to swap its primary charging standards to CCS. In order to make its Model S and Model X compatible with the growing CCS charging station networks, Tesla launched a CCS adapter for the two models. 

Tesla launched a CCS to Type 2 but only in some markets. To date, it has not released a CCS adapter for its own proprietary connector. Bad news for Tesla owners in the states as this doesn’t allow them to use third-party charging networks using the CCS standard.

However, this is all about to chage, at least in South Korea. Tesla revealed that it will launch a CCS adapter during the first half of 2021 in South Korea. According to automotive news portal Electrek, Tesla owners in South Korea received the following email (translated from Korean):

“In the first half of 2021, Tesla Korea will officially launch the CCS 1 charging adapter. Tesla owners can conveniently recharge their vehicles at 33 Supercharger stations located at the heart of transportation, and more than 150 Destination chargers located at popular hotels and restaurants. In addition, the CCS1 charging adapter is released to enhance the customer experience by allowing access to public charging networks nationwide.”

The email also included an image of the adapter:

Although there is no word on whether or not the CCS adapter will be offered to Tesla owners in the states, the news that Tesla is producing a CCS adapter for its own proprietary connector is exciting in itself.

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